Ema Bar

EMA Bar (ЭМА Бар) is a new event space opened in Moscow for the summer. It hosts live music events and dance parties as well as urban gardening events, workshops, talks, exhibitions and everything else culture-related. Located at so-called ArtQuarter (ArtKvartal), which is a Moscow government project to give a boost to the area around Kurskaya and Kitai Gorod (hosting the famous Winzavod, lesser-known Fabrika art center and home to many cool bars and clubs like Rodnya Bar, the former Solyanka and the newer S-11), EMA Bar contributes to making this neighborhood a great place to be.

EMA bar in Moscow

One could dismiss EMA as just another hipster bar, but places like this are especially important in the current Moscow landscape where most venues are simply trying to make a living offering subpar entertainment or overpriced drinks without a hint of culture. In this way EMA is like an alien and the huge sphere installation in its courtyard which looks like another planet is probably a sort of self-aware comment on the unlikely and temporary nature of the whole enterprise, which nevertheless fulfills its mission.

(let the Jameson's logo be a reminder that real estate in Moscow is prohibitively expensive)



Bolshoy Nikolovorobinskiy pereulok, 9 metro Kitai Gorod or Taganskaya
Большой Николоворобинский переулок, 9 метро Китай Город или Таганская


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