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Author: Dimitry Paranyushkin (on 21 Aug 2009)

In this section we will tell you about the most interesting trips outside of Novosibirsk. Actually, if you would like to stay near a natural place, the best area is Akademgorodok, which is outside of Novosibirsk, but is well connected by public transport, railway, and taxis with the center. It is a nice, calm, and green area, and there's everything a tourist needs: a hotel, few restaurants and cafe, nice people (mostly students, professors, and rich people), internet cafe (opened 24 hours a day), shops, a forest and Ob Sea nearby.

Ob Sea:
If you feel like going out of the city, the closest place is the area just after Akademgorodok, near Ob Sea (huge man-made reservoir). It is possible to

Women having fun on Ob Sea beach in Akademgorodok Novosibirsk
Ob Sea beach in Akademgorodok

swim in Ob Sea (at least as of Summer 2002, and locals do it), and the forest around it is quite nice.
The main town on the shore of Ob Sea is Berdsk (local trains go few times a day from the main Novosibirsk railway station - takes about 1.5 hours, costs $2), which is nothing special, but there are a few tour bases around. It is also possible to camp around, but you should be careful. We recommend you don't go there overnight, but take a local train in the morning to Berdsk, walk around, and then come back in the evening (make sure you get the train back). If you miss your train, it may be possible to take a car for about $20 to Novosibirsk, or $10 to Akademgorodok.

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Altai Mountains:
The beautiful, and rich with authentic cultures Altai mountains are quite far from Novosibirsk (more than 400 km), but most of the time, a trip to Altay is

Altay mountains

the main reason people stop in Novosibirsk.
The best it to book your trip with a travel agency (in Moscow or in Novosibirsk), like this you won't need to hassle, and the trip will be much safer. If you would like information about reliable travel agents that make trips to Altay, you can contact our team -- Our Team / Information, and we'll send you their contacts.
To read how you can get to Altay mountains by yourself, please, see Novosibirsk Transportation guide.
Read more about Altay mountains in our special Altay Section.


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