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Russian visa requirements in Australia...

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Hey guys I need help understanding how to get a Russian visa in Australia. On the Russian Embassy site it has these requirements:

1. A completed visa application form (one per person) available at the Consular Section.

2. National passport valid for at least 6 months after the intended date of departure from Russia

3. One professional passport size (3x4 cm) photo on a white background. Please write your name in capital letters on the back of the photos. Attach it to the specially marked place of the application form.

4. A standard tourist confirmation ("Podtverzdeniye") from an authorized hosting Russian travel agency, registered with the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MID RF). The confirmation letter must contain the agency's special reference number with MID RF.

5. A tour voucher original or its copy attested by authorised Russian travel agency.

6. A cover letter from your travel agency in Australia containing:

applicant's name or alphabetical list of a group;
dates and points of arrival and departure in and from Russia, means of transport;
itinerary in Russia;
the name of the hosting Russian company and its reference number.

I don't understand 4, 5 and 6. I know I need to get an invitation from a hotel so which one of these is the 'invitation' and where do I get the other 2 from? I'm not going to Russia with a travel agency so I don't know what to do about number 6.
Someone help pleaseeeee :)
asked Mar 5, 2015 in Russian Visa by Aussie123 (170 points)

1 Answer

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Best answer

I am in Sydney, I've been to Russia twice now. First time on a private invitation, second time on a tourist visa.

Basically, 4 & 5 are covered by your hotel invitation (or this site, if you purchase here).

6 is worded differently on the Sydney Consulate website - have a look at https://www.sydneyrussianconsulate.com/en/visa-section/tourist-visa.html

There it just asks for travel itinerary. You can write your own, but I think they don't actually bother with this one too much - if I wrote anything here, it was "SPb then Moscow then SPb".

Regards and enjoy your trip  :)

answered Mar 5, 2015 by BrianR (470 points)
selected Mar 5, 2015 by Aussie123