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Let's discuss some checked night clubs and bars of St. Petersburg here.

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Hi guys!  I'm planning to spend a week or two in St. Petersburg . And I am eager to make a sort of a night entertainment program. Let's discuss some checked night clubs and bars of St. Petersburg here. Which ones can you recommend? For example, my friends advised Zavistbar and XXX. What do you think about it?
asked Dec 27, 2016 in St. Petersburg by Albert33 (120 points)

1 Answer

0 votes
You know, I was lucky enough to visit Zavistbar once. It's really great there! I was deeply impressed by their wonderfull girls and the very show was on top! As far as XXX is concerned....I can't praise them.
answered Dec 27, 2016 by Vic (140 points)
Great thanks for all your sensible recommendations. You really helped me a lot. I pledge to share my impressions with you upon my arrival.
Hey Albert, how's your trip to St.Pete? Looking forward to you feedback. Did you get a chance to come to this place Zavist? By the way is it their web-site www.zavist.bar/en?
Hey guys, im finally back to share with u my impression. The city turned out to be amazingly intresting especially the centre. There r kinda lots of histotical buildings of intricate style, they r alligned to each other and go along a street i.e Nevsky prospekt. Some places really reminded old Europe style like Catholic churches but I know most architects were Italian at that empire time. I like those buildings in pink colour)) thats fun
As for the night ife its pretty busy too, ppl seem to hang out 24 in the centre area as there r lots of bars and restaurants, night clubs. You were asking about Zavist bar - yes, I did look for it one night but was misguided and got a chance to get to it only the next night. Well this is not only a single sort of famous local club, it turned out to be a whole chain and happened to be in one called Cabaret bar. The information provided on their web-site is practically true to what I saw with my own eyes. They have nice erotic shows of Moulin rouge style. Obviously the actresses were properly selected for this acting, not top-models ofc)) but pretty-looking shapy girls with style and grace on the stage. Good bar, they even got their own champagne brand and that says something about the level of this venue. There are services from so-called crazy menu that is lap dance, erotic massage. I been with a friend so we ordered coupla lap dances. it was cool, I had somewhat contact strip dance, beautiful.
Overall we left cheerful in a good mood but watch out for whats happening right outside the club I think it might be unsafe cause some suspicous persons hanging around. I suggest if you go somewhere at night go in a company of ur homeboys as there might be brawls or stuff.
As hostess said they had a whole chain of clubs I wonder whats happening in other clubs? Anyone been to? I didnt really get a chance.
The night of Halloween we have spent with my rowdy guys at this strip bar where girls add pleasure to their sexuality with strip plastic dances in scary but sexy costumes. This nightlife we experienced feelings of the real embodiment of evil that was fully naked. That was the day I wish to come back. http://zavist.bar/en

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