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clubs in St. Petersburg?

0 votes
Hi, friends! I'm planning to go to St. Petersburg in the nearest future. The thing is, that I've allready managed to gain  a lot of information with regard to various interesting places: museums, art galleries, etc. to visit....with just one exception..., Could you, please, inform me what unconventional and unusual  nightclubs or bars (may be strip bars) are worth visiting there
asked Dec 27, 2016 in St. Petersburg by Aleks Trons (120 points)

2 Answers

+1 vote
I think the best way to learn about local entertainment St.Pete's life is to go ahead and explore it yourself, just get off in the centre on Nevsky avenue and stroll all the way down day or night, rain or shine. Life is very bustling out there. If you wanna feel the true russian spirit you get into thematic bars with matreshka, pancakes, typical russian oufit: lapti and rubakha.Thez one place crosses my mind, but I'm not sure about the name, it was somewhere off Nevsky, not far thou. it's night club they got letter "Z" in the name, that stuck in my mind. I think it's Zavist If I'm not mistaken. Dont remember the details I was a bit tipsy then, it's a nice place for lounge after a day's trekking. Good bar, mellow music, dance shows with girls. Girls do perfomances in fancy clothes a la cabaret style in Paris. Nothing too special with regards to for instance Crazy horse but not too bad.
answered Jan 25, 2017 by Jan Nowak (160 points)
Hey Jan! Just got back from St. Petersburg. The city impressed me a lot with its magnificent architecture style, pompous imperial palaces among which are Hermitage, Winter Palce and this outstanding historical monument  Kazan Cathedral where a great russian commander Kutuzov is buried. As of historical sites I think Ive managed to see only a small amount of them and theres a lot more to explore.
In the evening I got a habit of going out with intention to find some nice leisure venues, crack a bottle of wine and stuff. At one point I remembered you were writing about this place Zavist. I asked coupla fellas on Dumskaya st. about this they had no idea but showed me Rhino bar, it's a strip club too. Its kinda an average bar, even id say below the average. Few people in, I got myself comfortable on a coach and ordered a cocktail. Looks like I felt some odour in the air, finished with my drink and ran off. When I got back to my hotel and was chilling in lounge zone I got into conversation with a guy from Australia, he told about the club Golden girls chanting the praises they say its one of the tops club, awesome service, girl shows and so on. The next evening I was strolling down Nevsky having both of em club names on my mind having decided to give a go to the first one I get a chance to. Nevsky pros. at Bolshaya Konushennaya a street barker gave a flier of Zavist right beside me. So I happened to be in the strip bar on Bolshaya Konushennaya. Foxy hostess met me in the doorway and led me into the main I sat at bar and grabbed a cocktail exploring things going around. Not far from me a hottie with pink fishnets gyrates around the pole. It was enough crowdy, here and there I noticed male companies with actresses flocking about. Then one girl on stage came up to me offereing to unwind. She was not my type so I turned her down but gave a little as she was good on the stage thou. I got down with a blondie cutie, we went private under baldachin. Nice pro dancer with hot body and plasticity, we had some champagne and talked a bit. I generally enjoyed the club, calssy service - no intrusion efforts if u dont feel like in. In comparison to Golden girls judging from what I heard they got a lot more service in the menu.
0 votes
HI guys! Can anyone kinda elaborate on difference points between Russian clubs  and  other european ones if there are any? I am looking for a venue to hold my hen party, well probably i'll pick Moscow or St.Petersburg.
answered Apr 4, 2017 by johnwilson29 (150 points)
Hi John,
I live in St.Petersburg. What kind of clubs do you prefer?
I've been in clubs in Barcelona and London. I didn't find any difference may be only ages of visitors. Here they are younger)
Hello guys! I have been to Saint Petersburg last summer, and the city imressed me a lot... with its spectacular views on rivers, buildings, parks, avenues, its bridges, monuments. And as any man, I'd like to taste its nightlife, cause walking on the streets during the day I noticed a lot of bars and clubs with some catchy names, so I decided to return at night. I can advise one of the best places for nightlife in Saint Petersburg - the chain of strip bars Zavist. I chose them to visit first and suddenly I realized that it's almost morning and I could't visit some other lol :D It really catching with its beauties, pretty dancers, good erotic massage, you can't skip it haha
Awesome place really, and the prices are quite on the level.
Also advise you not to drink too much (there is a really wide choice of drinks), not to forget about the night there another day :D and then go on sightseeing, good luck! http://zavist.bar/en/