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My offer for persons who want to visit Saint-Petersburg

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Hello my future friends!
I am native Russian speaker living in Saint-Petersburg, the second lardge city (after Moscow) of Russia. My offer is for foreign tourists who wants to visit our country and our beautiful city. I am not professional manager of tourism, I am just simple citizen of Russia and resident of Saint-Petersburg. My level of English is intermediate and I don’t speak perfectly in English. I don’t offer official excursions on customary roots, but I can show to you unknown for usual tourists places of Saint-Petersburg. You can inquire what is interesting for you and I will try to satisfy your wish. We can make your individual program together. It may be anything what you are interested in (simple Russian apartments, shops, markets, suburabian places, dacha of simple people, organization of various types of amusement). Everuthing is discussed via skype or e-mail before your visit in our country.
Just remember that you can see usual sights of Saint-Petersburg by yourself, you can visit any museums by yourself. But you will not go to a downtown or to unknown places by yourself. You will not go to a roofs, you will not go to a wild lakes or forest of another places. May be I will help to you. May be you can find such services officially, but I think it will be too expensive. My prices will be negotiable. I will get the profit of getting foreign friends and language practice and you will get nontraditional rest.
I will get a souvenirs with low prices for you. You will not find cheap things for foreign tourists in the center of SPb, on Nevsky prospect! I will help to you.
About me: my name is Vadim, 32 y.o., married. I have high medical education and I have been living in Saint-Petersburg from 2001.
If you are interested please write me on sibazonum@mail.ru
asked Jul 3, 2015 in St. Petersburg by docvad (120 points)

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