Trans-Siberian Guide

Discover the major Trans-Siberian destinations and the best towns to visit during the trip. Also, check out our new live Trans-Siberian journey planner.

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Life in the Trans-Siberian Train

When you spend more than two days in the train, it becomes like your second home: you get to know all the conductors, you spend a lot of time with co-passengers, and there's a special life that's happening inside the train.

The Trans-Siberian Trains

This section will provide you with some general information about trains in Russia, as well as specific information (timetable and routes) of a few chosen Trans-Siberian trains.

The Trans-Siberian Route

The main Trans-Siberian route starts in Moscow and terminates in Vladivostok (Far East, the shore of Pacific ocean), in all it is 9288.