Monasterio Techno Club in Moscow

This newly opened techno club boasts the best sound system in Moscow and is the closest to the likes of legendary Berghain and Tresor that you can find in Moscow. Parties go on all night and you can safely drift away into the realms of subdued repetitive machinery rhythms through dance and with the help of various substances.

The people who run the club do not always do parties at Monasterio – sometimes they also make events in other venues. Their ambitions are quite high: sometimes you can see an occasional poster advertising a party in Moscow in Berlin – the capital of techno...

Another similar place in Moscow you might like is Pravda club - smaller and more intimate than Monasterio.

Club Monasterio

The decoration of the club is quite special too: the DJ booth is made out of wood and they kept the brick walls to give it the industrial feeling.



Клуб Монастерио
ул. Рочдельская 15 Метро Ул. 1905 года
Club Monasterio
15, Rochdelskaya street Metro Ulitsa 1905 Goda
Phone: +7 495 665-22-13


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