Solyanka Club in Moscow

Since its opening in 2007 Solyanka has become the mecca of Moscow clubbing for people in the know.

Update: Solyanka has been closed, hopefully temporarily, but its collective still organizes great parties in collaboration with other places. Check out their Facebook page.

This hipster stronghold extends much further than a normal club and has a sort of educative mission, which sometimes borders patronizing. They run a monthly magazine, host lectures, run a cool fashion boutique, a great restaurant, and collaborate with various creative collectives from Moscow and abroad. Soundcloud bookings mixed with the local heroes and occasional big names make up for great, but somewhat generic trendy parties and the audience is young, happy, and grateful.
Still, for Moscow it’s definitely something really special, so we highly recommend this place.

Solyanka Club -  photo by Ivan Chernov

Fridays and Saturdays are always full, so be ready to queue, unless you’re wearing an amazing outfit. The entrance is $10-$15 and the drinks are about $10-$15. The prices are generally a big problem in Solyanka as much as its ads-plastered bar.
This keeps the alternative crowd away and makes this place more boring than it has to be. On the positive side is the kitchen that’s open late into the night, making it a great place to have a meal at 2 am in the midst of a party.  



Solyanka Club
11, Solyanka street Metro Kitai Gorod
Клуб Солянка
Ул. Солянка, 11 Метро Китай Город


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