Guide to Russia for Expats and Foreigners

Author: Dimitry Paranyushkin (on 14 Aug 2009)

Russian girls - photo by Sasha Reshetilov
in Russia:
Meeting people, finding a job and accommodation.


A Brener - contemporary art Russia

English in Russia

How to find a teaching or nanny job in Russia, how
much it's paid, and practical advice.

St. Petersburg Business
Guide to Russia

Essential information: from getting a work permit
to setting up your own company.

St. Petersburg Studying
in Russia

Guide to Russia for students – how to find a
university or a school, how to enroll, practical advice.


Moscow clubbing
Clubbing Guide:
A selection of the best clubs
in Moscow and what's on listings...

to Russia Features:

St. Basils Moscow Interviews
with Russian People:

Learn what Russian people are like through interviews. Ask your own





Mobile Phone Russian
Visa Support:

Russian visa with not ties - in 3 simple steps.

Apartment rentals Apartment

Cheaper alternative to hotels, and more private, too.

Airline Tickets Train
Tickets Online:

Online Russian train schedule with prices.

Airline Tickets Airport
& Rail Transfers:

Get a taxi from the airport in Moscow or St. Petersburg.

Also: Hostels
& B&B
| Airline
| Tours
| Extra


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for Expats - Contents


English in Russia
– How to find a teaching
or nannying job in Russia ­ practical advice  

Settling - how to find friends, job, accommodation in Russia.

Interviews - interviews with students and teachers of English in Moscow




in Russia
- Guide to studying in Russia for foreign

- how to get a work permit, Russian laws,
setting up a company.

in Russia
- how to marry in Russia and get
a residence permit.

& Services Directory
- Useful contacts
and addresses for expats.



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