Where to Go at Altay Mountains: Biysk

Author: Dimitry Paranyushkin (on 21 Aug 2009)

Biysk is a town in Altay Krai — the region neighbouring Altay Republic. It is the last point where trains go, 175 km far from Barnaul and 100 km far from Gorno-Altaysk.

What is Biysk.
A quiet provincial town on Biya river is a transit place for tourists who travel from Barnaul to Gorno-Altaysk. The streets

Biysk, Altay mountains, Russia

are quite calm and neat and all the main attractions, hotels, and cafes are concentrated on one central Lenina street. There's also Hotel Tsentralnaya located on this street, offering standard rooms for $10-$15 per night for singles and $15-$25 per night for doubles. In the same building as the hotel there's an airline tickets agency and Sberbank bank branch.
The railway station is about 10 minutes by car from Hotel Tsentralnaya and the taxi ride costs about 50 R ($1.7). Next to hotel Tsentralnaya there's the most popular bar "Diesel", which is actually quite small, but not bad (average meal - $7, beer - $1).
Near the railway station, on Merlina st., #1 there's a 24h ATM and currency exchange (not 24 h). There's also a post office nearby.

Hotel Tsentralnaya. Typical Soviet-style building, very good location, quiet and neat rooms (although a bit stuffy). Prices: $10-$15 for a single, $15-25 for a double. All rooms have a separate bathroom and toilet, telephone, TV, two beds.
Address: Biysk, Lenina St., #256. Telephones: (3852) 326-886, 228-307, 328-892.

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