Novgorod Restaurants and Cafes

Author: Maria Mushtrieva (on 04 May 2016)
Eating out is quite cheap in Novgorod. Even in the most expensive places you can dine for $5 US. Most restaurants and cafes stop working at 22.30 - 23.00.
Finally, if you're hungry and everything is closed, you can try a 24-hour food shop "Adept" on 2/2​, Voskresenskiy bul (next to Karla Marksa street).
If you want to try the berries from the region, walk down Karla Marksa street from the railway station, and there'll be babushkas (old women) selling many kinds of berries really cheap.

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Novgorod Restaurants and Cafes

Eating out is quite cheap in Novgorod.

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