Kremlin Restaurant - Detinets

Detinets used to be perhaps the best Russian cuisine restaurant in the world, until it was closed with the blessing of the Russian orthodox church in 2009.
Even though it does not exist anymore it’s worth mentioning what the city has lost, so maybe something like this can appear again... Located inside the Kremlin, in Pokrovskaya tower, this restaurant served the best Russian food you have ever tasted. You could sit inside the tower, or just outside, under the elm trees, eat delicious Russian food, and enjoy the view. 
Interior of an old Russian traditional house - photo by Loris Zeccinato -
The dinner (a soup, a meal, a dessert and a drink) costed around €5 - super cheap. They had fish soups such as the fish in the old Russian style (“Ryba po-starorusski”) - sudak filet and potatoes cooked in a fish broth and also Russian pancakes with honey (“Blyny s medom”). A must-try was the traditional Russian drink - Medovukha - a honey alcoholic drink that’s brewed in the restaurant. In Novgorod they prepared it the best way.


Detinets Restaurant
Pokrovskaya tower


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