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Tourist Information - Red Izba


Novgorod has a very good tourist information center called “Red Izba”, which offers free advice, Wi-Fi (inside and outside in the park around the center), and even emergency services for tourists.
5, Sennaya square 5, Сенная площадь Open 9.30 to 18.30 +7 (816 2) 77 30 74, +7 (816 2) 99 86 86 (24 hours) 
View on Novgorod from above - photo by Dennis Jarvis /

Getting Around - Novgorod Taxi 


Calling a taxi doesn’t really make sense as you can wave your hand and hail any car to give you a lift for money, like anywhere in Russia. A trip should cost about 100-200R (€3-6 max). In case you want to order a cab, find someone who speaks Russian and have them call +7 (8162) 600 000 




Novgorod If you’re interested to go to Novgorod to work in a calm atmosphere, your best bet is to do it in one of the restaurants with Wi-Fi or at the hotel. However, there is also a coworking space available for €70 per month located on Bolshaya Sankt- Peterburgskaya st., 39 building 9 (cafe Volna, next to Novgorod University).


Studying & Teaching / Novgorod University


Novgorod also has a university, which hosts internship programs and has many international students. You might want to check it out if you want a reason to stay in Novgorod for a longer time or just to meet people. It’s located on Bolshaya Sankt Peterburgskaya st, 41, more info (in English) 
State University in Novgorod - photo by Opanyinkwakye / wikicommons

Health & Emergency / Volna Clinic


If you have problems with your health, it’s better to look for a consultation in Moscow or St. Petersburg, but if it’s something urgent, you can contact the 24-hour English-speaking service number of Red Izba tourist information office at +7 8162 99 86 86 or also try the local Volna Clinic located on Bolshaya Sankt Peterburgskaya st, 44. Their phone is +7 8162 220 220 (opened Mon to Fri 8.00 to 17.00) 


Main Post Office 


The main post office is located on 2 Dvortsovaya St and is opened monday to friday from 8.00 to 20.00. There you can send the postcards and also register your Russian visa if you’re staying at a private apartment in Novgorod for longer than 7 working days.

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