Novgorod Kremlin - Detinets

Author: Maria Mushtrieva (on 04 May 2016)
The main sight in Novgorod is Detinets or the Novgorod Kremlin located right on Volkhov river.
It’s a beautiful place full of history and there’s also a great ethnography museum, a nice souvenir shop, and an amazing restaurant situated inside one of the castles.
Detinets now is a brick fortress with 9 towers. The first walls of Detinets were built in the 10th century, later it was rebuilt many times. 
There’s also a quiet green park around the Kremlin and if you approach it from the side of Volkhov river there is a beach there where you can also swim (the locals say the river is clean, but it’s at your own risk). A very nice and peaceful place to chill in summer.
Novgorod Kremlin, photo by NIgel Swales -
Sofiyskaya Storona
Open 10.00 - 18.00


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