St Sofia Cathedral

Author: Maria Mushtrieva (on 04 May 2016)
St Sofia Cathedral is a symbol of the town and one of the oldest stone buildings in Russia. The daily service starts at 10.00 and 18.00 (except mon and fri) – well worth a visit as it’s a unique chance to enjoy it in such an authentic setting.
It was built in 1050. The height of the church is more than 38 meters. An iron dove sits on the cross of the cathedral. There's a myth, that if the dove ever happens to fly away, it will mark the last day of Novgorod.

St. Sofia Cathedral in Novgorod - photo by Andrey Gaverdovsky /

Besides its religious functions, St. Sofia also used to be the place where the treasury of Novgorod was kept, there were special hiding places on the second floor for gold. 
Daily preach services take part in St. Sofia around 19.00 in the evenings. To enter the church at the time of the service men should wear trousers and long-sleeve shirt, women should cover their heads with a scarf and wear a skirt which covers the knees. 
Detinets (Kremlin), object 11 Open 7.00 to 20.00


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