Yaroslavovo Dvorishche - Yaroslav's Court

Author: Maria Mushtrieva (on 04 May 2016)
The Yaroslav's court is located on Torgovaya Side - on the opposite side of the Kremlin-Detinets.
Yaroslav's court -view from the river -photo by dr_tr / flickr.com/photos/dr_tr/4572307740
This was the economical and political center of the ancient town of Novgorod. Close to Yaroslav's Court, there's a territory called "Torg", that's where the merchants from all over Europe made their deals, and had their offices. Novgorod used to be one of the Russian Hansa cities. 
Hansa Fountain in Yaroslav's Court - brings financial success - photo by Victoria Vasilieva / flickr.com/photos/vasilv_spb/4607579924
There are six churches in Yaroslavovo Dvorishche and a tower (it was a gate tower for the court).
It's a nice green area with many masterpieces of Russian architecture gathered at one place. If you have some time and don't want to look at all these churches in the town you can just come here and in one hour you will see all the best of Novgorod.
The oldest building is the St. Nikolai Cathedral, which was built in 1113. This is a big 5-dome cathedral was recently renovated and functions as a church again. Some fragments of original frescoes from the 12th century survived. The best preserved fragment depicts Job.
St. Nikolai Cathedral in Novogod (on the right) - photo by Grigory Gusev / flickr.com/photos/gusevg/5709876324
Church of Spasa-na-Iliene was built in the 1374, and it is famous for its frescos as well. Most of them were made by Feofan Grek - one of the most famous Russian icon painters. 
The frescos are in bad condition, but you can find some good images at the north-west part of the church. If you will cross the river from the Sophiskaya storona to the Torgovaya, go straight along Iliana street, and in 4 blocks there will be this church on your left.
Spasa-Na-Ilyine Church in Novgorod in the fog - photo by Grigory Gusev / flickr.com/photos/gusevg/5709877540
Open: daily, Mon is day off, 10.00-15.00.
Znamenski Cathedral is situated right in front of the Church of Spasa-na-Iline.
This cathedral of 17th century is a typical building of Moscow architecture school. In the 17th century Novgorod was already part of Moscow kingdom, so the new architecture traditions were applied here as well.
Znamensky Cathedral (pre-1917 postcard) / flickr.com/photos/paukrus/4460497727
Church of St Teodor Solunski on the Spring kept its name but you won't see the spring anymore. It was leveled during the construction of the Moscow - St. Petersburg railroad. This nice church was built in the 14th century, it is poorly decorated and simple which makes it very charming. There are some frescos inside. This church is situated in the Feodorovsky Ruchey prospect, this street is parallel to the Iliana.
Fyodora Stratilata Church in Novgorod - its modesty is additionaly underlined by Soviet baracks in the background - photo by Grigory Gusev /  flickr.com/photos/gusevg/5709879198


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