Getting to and around Novgorod

Author: Maria Mushtrieva (on 29 Jan 2016)

Trains to Moscow & St. Petersburg 

Veliky Novgorod is situated between Moscow and St. Petersburg, so it can be a good stopover en route between the two cities. The main train station is in the city center, about 20 minute walk to the Kremlin.
Novgorod is pretty much on the halfway from St.Petersburg to Moscow - photo by
There are two comfortable seater trains daily to St. Petersburg, at 6.30 and 18.45 – both take about 3 hours and cost around €10 one way (the trains from St. Petersburg to Novgorod depart at 7.15 and 21.30 accordingly).
There is one daily overnight train to Moscow departing at 21.50, which takes about 8 hours and costs about €60 for a 2nd class sleeper and about €30 for a 3rd class sleeper (same schedule for Moscow to Veliky Novgorod direction).
Therefore, you can easily make a full day stopover in Novgorod on your way from Moscow to St. Petersburg.

Buses to the Countryside 

There is also a bus station next to the train station (to the left, when you come out of the main building). Don’t take the buses to Moscow or St. Petersburg – it’s going to be a torture to drive for so long and you won’t save much money.
But if you want to travel to one of the small villages and towns around for camping and trekking – there’s a lot of options available. There are at least 3 buses daily to Ilmen lake and Borovichi town, from where you can make your way further into the deep Russian countryside.
Novgorod countryside - photo by Loris Silvio Zecchinato /
If you want to go camping, take a bus to Borovichi town (2-3 hours) and then another bus to Ustreka settlement (near Moshenskoe). There you will find a beautiful Karabozha lake and you can camp at the shore.


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