Best Places to Do Camping in Russia

Author: waytorussia (on 22 Aug 2018)
If you like wild camping, Russia is the best place to do this in Europe. You can put a tent and make a fire almost anywhere you want. It is relatively safe, you can get to some very deep forests with public transport or a car (it costs only about €30 per day to rent an SUV). The nature is clean and there are lots of rivers and lakes with pristine waters. It may be a bit difficult to find the right spots, so we've put together this guide, which will tell you about the best places to do camping in Russia. 

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Voronka River in Tula Region

Voronka river is an idyllic spot with typical Russian nature and flood meadows just 2 hours south from Moscow in Tula region.

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While not a particularly amazing camping spot, Sokolniki is the only official camping in Moscow and for that reason we decided to add it into our listing.

Medveditsa River, Tver Region

If you want to make a quick trip from Moscow into the wilderness, the area around Medveditsa river in Tver region is perhaps the best choice.