LavkaLavka Farmer's Market and Mark i Lev Kalachnaya Cafe

LavkaLavka are the pioneers of organic farming and distribution in Russia. Their concept is to unite various farmers and cooperatives and to help them distribute their produce in Russia. They have several restaurants and shops in Moscow and everything they sell is very good quality and delicious, you'll love it if you're into healthy food!

LavkaLavka hub is their big market and a cafe located at the border of Moscow and Tula region, on the 105km of Simpheropol highway. You might take this road if you're heading to Bolotov Dacha estate (which is a great chill out place and has their own farmer's shop Mark & Lev). There you can try the best produce from all over Russia and get some nice stuff for your journey. They are officially open from Wednesday through Sunday from 9.00 to 17.00, but the farmers normally come on Saturdays, Sundays and sometimes on Fridays. To get there, take the new Simpheropol highway (to Crimea) M2 to 107 km (about 1 hour drive). After you pass the exit to the old Simpheropol road (sign "Romanovskie Dachi"), change to the right lane, 400 meters after you'll see the exit to the market's partking. There's going to be a big sign indicating Tula region there.

Lavka Farmer's Market

There's also a very nice cafe by Mark i Lev opened Wed through Sunday from 9.00 to 19.00 located next to the Lavka Lavka hub. They serve traditional Russian pastry called Kalachi and lots of amazing locally produced vegetable and meat dishes.

Kalachnaya Mark i Lev Cafe

It's a really nice stop over on the way to Bolotov Dacha or if you're driving to Tula, south Russia or Ukraine.




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