Nikola Lenivets Architecture Park in the Nature

Nikola Lenivets is a beautiful art / architecture park situated at Ugra national park about 200 km south from Moscow towards Kaluga. It hosts several festivals throughout the year, but its main attraction are the beautiful and weird architectural sculptures scattered around the natural landscape. It looks like the Burning Man but with a unique Russian flair.

Nikola Lenivets art park

The best thing about Nikola Lenivets are its diverse accommodation options. Every house has a character and a very specific design. For example, our favorite skateboard house (on the photo) is straight from a sci-fi movie. It hosts 4 people and costs about €100 per night.

Nikola Lenivets, Skateboarders House (you can really skate inside:)

Those on a tighter budget can stay in a simple but stylish "shed" (sarai) house, which looks simple but pretty cool (€40 per night). There are also camping spots available for €8 per tent and it's also possible to get a ready-made tent, already installed, with all the amenities (like wi-fi, phone charger, and shared toilets and showers).

Camping accommodation at Nikola Lenivets

Nikola Lenivets park is situated on Ugra river and it's a beautiful spot for walks, swimming, camping and chilling. Not only the park has many interesting art objects, you can also explore the area around, learn about traditional crafts, visit their bee-garden, the organic farm, make a tour around the installations, do some horse-riding or ride bikes. There is also a cafe and shop that sells produce from their organic farm.

Aerial view on Nikola Lenivets at night

To get to Nikola Lenivets you can rent a car (a normal one will suffice, it costs about €20 per day) or use YouDrive or Anytime car sharing (both allow you to drive up to 250 km from Moscow. Take the Kiev E101 / M3 road from Moscow (it's about 202 km or 3 hours drive). Take the exit towards Medyn and then along Varshavskoe highway towards Barsuki, Ostrozhnoye and Zvizzhi village. You can also take Uber — it'll cost about 4000 R (€55), which is not bad if you share it with 4 people.

Winter in Nikola Lenivets

If you prefer a train, you can take a suburban train from Kievsky train station to Obninsk, Maroyaroslavets or Kaluga (from €8). From there you can get a taxi to Nikola Lenivets (for about €10-€15).




Nikola Lenivets, Zvizzhi Village
Kaluga Region
Phone: +7 495 150-54-75
Никола Ленивец девевня Звизжи
Калужская Область


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