Cheposh Park

Cheposh Park is the first glamping in Altay Republic. It is located right on the mountain river Katun’ in a forest but with an extensive sand beach on the shore. Comfortable one floor wooden houses have panoramic windows, a terrace, warm floor and tropic shower. The price includes breakfast and usage of bikes, barbeque, kids area and pool. There are four types of housing from bungalo to luxury little villas. Altay region is a special place with unique environment and nature. In the Soviet times heads of the government used to build their rest houses and dachas there in order to restore health. It also a mountain region, so for those who are looking into adventures there is an option to climb up the mountain tracks or rift down Katun’ rapids.

Where: Chemalskiy region, Altay Respublic, near village Cheposh.

How to get there: in Chemalskiy region drive till Cheposh village, after the end of it there will be a blue gas station, 350m from that station turn right where you’ll see Cheposh Park sign.

Price: 80-165 euros

Availability: from May 1st till September 30th




Chemalskiy region, Altay Respublic, near village Cheposh


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