Dobroe Glamping

Dobroe is a camping in the national reserve park in Utrish near the Black sea. Seven spacious tents for two or three people are situated 30 meters from the sea. Each has a little kitchen area, proper bed, a fridge, a fan and a table. Utrish has a unique climate, therefore the air and forest around are very clean and healthy. The beach is usually empty from crowds and there is a lot of fauna and flora to explore. Special excursions are held for those who would like to learn more about that region. Guests are also offered to visit wine tasting, horse staples, fishing yachts, mussel farm or dive into the depth of the sea with an instructor or on your own.

Where: national reserve park Utrish

How to get there: from Anapa airport one should go to Bolshoy Utrish village from where a boat will take you to the Dobroe Glamping. The price for a boat ride is 350 rubles.

Price: 50-62 euros



Dobroe Glamping
national reserve park Utrish


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