Les I More Campsite

Less is More is a camp hotel located on an island on the Volga River approximately 170 km from Moscow. There are nine safari tents which you can rent by one or book the whole camp for a private event where they will help with organization. There is a moving film theater, hammocks all over the territory, fireplace and a lounge area. The price for the tent includes three meals a day, personal WC and availability of all local entertainment inventory like yoga mats, table games, library, sport stuff and musical equipment. The feeling of isolation being on a separate island adds a special peaceful mood while staying at Les i More campsite.

Where: Kalyazin town

How to get there: from Kalyazin town on Volga river there is a boat which will take you to the isalnd

Price: from 96 euros for the whole tent

Availability: from May till October



Les i More Kalyazin town


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