Yurta Hotel

A yurt is a traditional, round tent covered with skins or felt and used as a dwelling by several distinct nomadic groups in the steppes of Central Asia. Yurta hotel used this concept to build spacious yurts where inside you feel as if in a proper wooden house. Some of them have large windows, a fireplace, a kitchen and a fridge. This camping is located on the lake where you can swim after experiencing real Russian bania (sauna). There is also a special wooden yurt for traditional tea drinking from samovar around a big fire.

Upon arrival you’ll be welcomed by a big family with three lovely kids who own the place. So the atmosphere is really friendly and family-like. Apart from classical nature chill, the owners offer different sound workshops and rituals which will harmonize your inner world and lift the spirit.

In the neighbourhood one can find a fine restaurant, a horse farm, eco-farm and a village where locals pay special attention on keeping up old slavic traditions and crafts.

Where: Moscovskaya Oblast, Ruzskiy region, Urtoviy Complex

How to get there: from Rizhskiy train station to the Ustinovka and from there by taxi (500-600R) or by bus till the Bulanino stop and from there 1,2km by foot.

Price: from 96 euros / night



Moscovskaya Oblast, Ruzskiy region, Urtoviy Complex


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