Zelenaya Tropa Glamping in Nature

Zelenaya Tropa is 22 comfortable tents and 12 designer houses for winter season in refreshing forest of Tul’skay oblast. Tents are cozy and stylish and houses have private saunas where you can have a complete detox from the city. The activities provided by the camp vary by season. In summer one can enjoy fishing, swimming, gathering rare herbs, yoga on the field or songs around fire. In winter they organize ski trackings to the Oka canyon. All year round one can visit Yasnaya Poliana where famous Russian writer Lev Tolsotoy, the author of “War and Peace”, spent most of his life or museum-estate of A a prominent russian painter V.D.Polenov. Apart from that Zelenaya Tropa does film screenings, provides library, presents local farmers and their products and help with barbeque. During high season they also organize readings, gathering and lectures for those who would like some intellectual activity in nature's lap.

Where: Tul’skay oblast, Zaokskiy region, Zelenaya Tropa on google.maps

How to get there: by train from Kurskaya station to Tarusskaya then taxi

Price: 54-81 euros / night

Availability: all year round



Tul’skay oblast, Zaokskiy region, Zelenaya Tropa


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