Bol Festival (July 5-7)

Bol is the largest underground festival in Russia. It’s pretty new but already much talked about because of a raw feeling of youth and freedom in its vibe. The name itself translates as “pain”. Therefore, one can expect intense content in terms of sound and crowd. The festival will take place at the cultural center ZIL and will bring together more than 70 artists and bands such as he Good, The Bad & The Queen, Sophie, Monetochka, Inturist, Poexxxali, IC3PEAK, Aigel, Utro, some rock collectives from soviet times and many other artists of the local underground. The building where the event takes place is one of the greatest examples of Soviet constructivism. There will be a lot of teenagers who represent different subcultures if you are interested to see what young people are like in Russia.

How to get there: subway station Avtozavodskaya, Vostochnaya street 4

When: beginning of July (5-7 July 2019)

Price: 1800-5000 rubles (€25-€68)





Vostochnaya street 4


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