The Mir Sibiri Festival (12-14 July)

The Mir Sibiri is an international festival of folk music and crafts which takes place in the picturesque area of Siberia in the village of Shushenskoye. At Mir Sibiri, guests, performers and craftsmen alike are encouraged to wear traditional costumes. The visitor will be amazed to see an abundant palette of traditional garments from Belarus, Ukraine, Tuva, Buryatia, Sakha, Chukotka, Tatars, Chechens, Kalmyks, Moldovans, Altay, Nenets and many more. The festivals aim is to keep up old Russian customs. For example, the morning starts with certain rituals. Girls go at dawn to collect dew from the grass in the field with ribbons and use them to wash their faces. After that, they make herbal wreaths and weave flowers into their hair.

The festival is a unique experience to know the cultures and traditions from all Russian corners as well as try food cooked by classical recipes. Guests are treated to shurpa (meat broth with greens and large chunks of vegetables), laghman (a large dish of noodles and meat) and pies with cabbage, cheese or sturgeon filling. Soup menu is another special feature of the food court: solyanka, okroshka, borsh will give you energy for the whole day.

As for accomodation, there are two options: either in ancient wooden cottages of the New Village or in the children's summer camp with its spring beds and rice porridge for breakfast – an unforgettable taste for anyone who was born in the USSR.

When: July (12-14 July 2019)

Where: The village of Shushenskoye, the Krasnoyarsk Territory.

How to get there: from the Krasnoyarsk railway station to Minusinks by train № 124Ы and then take a bus to the Shushenskoye village stop.





Shushenskoye village, the Krasnoyarsk Territory


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