Usadba Jazz Festival (June 22-23)

This big international open-air jazz festival in Russia takes place at Kolomenskoye estate and combines various styles of funk, soul, hip-hop, rock and blues music. Usadba jazz is a series of events which can be found not only in Moscow but also in Saint Petersburg, Sochi and Dobrograd. The festival has a laid back vibe, so it’s a nice place for those who don’t like disturbing sounds. The festival is well equipped with food courts, kid areas and other family friendly entertainments. There will be a special programme for kids, so parents can have some fun too. Apart from music the will be a literature stage where anybody could participate in reading their or other people’s poems. This year headliners will be Russian rock band SPLIN, Ivan Dorn and Black Eyed Peas. If you are not that much into loud music Usadba Jazz will definitely make your ears relax.

How to get: subway station – Kolomenskoye, Prospect Andropova 39

When: end of June (22-25 June 2019)

Price: 4500-12000 rubles (€60 - €150)



Kolomeskoe Estate
Prospect Andropova 39


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