An Introduction to Kamchatka

Author: Dimitry Paranyushkin (on 09 Aug 2020)

Kamchatka is known as the magic land of volcanoes and geysers. There are just few areas in the world where geysers can be found and it is generally

Vilucha Volcano Kamchatka, Russia
Vilucha Volcano, Kamchatka

accepted that Kamchatka is the most beautiful one. Located closer to Los Angeles rather than to Moscow, Kamchatka peninsula can be reached by air only. Simply said, it is more convenient for Americans than for Moscovites to travel there.
Kamchatka was closed for tourists for military reasons, since Russians explored it in the 17th century. Half of the territory of the peninsula is still controlled by the Army. However nowadays most the main tourist sights: volcanoes, hot springs, Valley of geysers are open for the foreign tourists.
Right now you have the unique possibility to explore Kamchatka – don’t miss the chance. 

In terms of activities Kamchatka is mainly famous for its beautiful nature, so you will have some of the most beautiful trekking experiences there. However, it's also a world-class spot for freeriding and heliskiing and you can surf there (even in Winter). So if you like active adventurous time out, this is the place to be! 

5 Things to Do at Kamchatka:

1. Visit the volcanoes and the Geysers valley
2. Try surfing in the pacific ocean (you can even surf there in winter) 
3. Freeriding, snowboarding, and skiing from the volcanoes
4. Enjoy the wild untouched nature of the region.
5. Try the best caviar you've ever had in your life

Why Go There?
This land is a true phenomenon. Firstly, it is really aged country. One can feel the timeless power of the nature there, staying in the sight of the thousands years old volcanoes. At the same time Kamchatka is a runaway youngster. The land is still full of the energy, which is running out to the

Geyser, Kamchatka, Russia
Geyser, Kamchatka




annual earthquakes and frequent convulsions. The breath of Kamchatka can be felt in the pulsating hot springs. Kamchatka breathes like a marathon runner. I hope it won’t stop running soon.
The number of reasons to explore Kamchatka is equal to the number of people visiting it. The fishermen are going there to catch the salmons, the hunters – to fight with the bears. The scientists are coming to produce unique experiments. The alpinists are trying to pass the routes, which have never been passed before. The tourists are coming to see all these famous volcanoes and geysers. These visitors are so different, but they are similar in a way. Any person who has ever been at Kamchatka wants to come back to this Earth best destination. I guess, Kamchatka is an Edam for a Man – the rough and uncomfortable cool land.
What To Do at Kamchatka:
1. Trekking around. It can be one day or several days trip from the Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky.
2. Kayaking and rafting. There are many rivers with the different levels of difficulty for professionals and novices.
3. Fishing.
4. Hunting.
5. Mountaineering.
6. Cycling.
7. Bathing in the hot springs.
8. Swimming in a cold Pacific ocean at the famous Black sand beach.
9. Watch the whales just in 2 hours voyage from the port.
10. Snowboarding or heliskiing.

11. Exploring the unique nature.
12. Surfing at Snowwave or Quicksilver Surf Camp

When to Go:
The best time to go to Kamchatka is a period from July to September.
There is no whole Kamchatka weather forecast. It can be cold in




Heysers Kamchatka Russia
Heysers, Kamchatka

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the mountains while you are swimming in the warm shore bays. As most of the sights accessible at Kamchatka are in the area of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky city, we provided the average temperatures info in this city.
Please note, that nights are cold even in the summer time (I guess, you’ll need up to –10 C sleeping bag if you plan to sleep in the tent). The weather is very changeable. You have to be prepared to any weather conditions. Speaking about July-September period - one should has equipment to feel comfortable if it is +18 or –7.
If you are going to Kamchatka be prepared for the rains. My friends and I spent two weeks at Kamchatka (end of July, 2001) and it was raining 5 days out of 14. Besides morning dew in the mountains is like a small rain itself.

Average temperature in the area of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky
Month: Jan Feb May Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Celcius: -8 -8 -5 -1 4 9 12 13 10 4 -2 -6
Fahrenheit: 18 18 23 30 39 48 54 55 50 39 28 21

The Nature of Kamchatka:
Kamchatka is a peninsula at the north-east of Russia. It is washed by Bering sea and Sea of Okhotsk of Pacific ocean.
There are 28 active volcanoes and about 160 extinct ones. There are about

Flowers at Kamchatka
Flowers at Kamchatka




200 mineral water springs and 160 of it are the hot water springs. Most of the volcanoes, hot water springs and geysers are located at the eastern part of the peninsula.
There are more than 14000 rivers while only two rivers are considerably large – river Kamchatka and river Penjina. Most of the rivers remain open during the wintertime.
There are about 4 hundreds glaciers at Kamchatka. Most of them are located in the mountains and accessible by the helicopters only.
The fauna of Kamchatka is typical for this type of climate. The bobcats, sables, minks, wolfs, foxes, brown bears and many other animals can be found at Kamchatka. The sandpipers and seagulls as many other typicall birds of northern territories can me met there. The ocean is full of cods, flounders and different types of crabs. The different types of the salmon dominate in the rivers.
The flora is quite usual for northern territories either. However there is a phenomenon of giant plants. In the area of volcanoes and hot springs the usual plants grow to the giant ones. It remains all the same, but the size is multiplied.


The People of Kamchatka
Kamchatka peninsula is quite deserted. There are just 440.000 people living over there (360.000 of that number live in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky).




Fishermen, Kamchatka
Fishermen, Kamchatka

Most of the people work for the Army or employed in the fishing industry.
Russians came at Kamchatka in the 17th century. They colonized this land quickly and soon become the dominant ethnos. Nowadays natives form only 3.5% of the total population. The native ethnos: Koryaky, Etelmeny, Chukchy, Eveny, Aleuty. Their traditional way of life was influenced much by the industrialization and Russian culture, so most of them lead usual Russian way of life.



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