Vladivostok Forts

Vladivostok has been the sentinel of the Russian east since its founding in 1860. It’s a city of fortresses, and visitors should make an effort to see at least one.
Vladivostokskaya Krepost 
Easiest to reach is the Vladivostokskaya Krepost at Batareynaya​ 4a. Find the entrance behind the oceanarium. A canon booms everyday at 12 noon here. Open 10:00 – 18:00. Telephone: 40-08-96.
 Fort No. 7
If you get into Vlad’s hills, you’ll eventually find a fort. Fort No. 7 is the most visited. Take one of several busses that go to “Zarya.” Get off at that stop, 20 mintes from the center. An unpaved road will lead east, and you’ll see sign: Форт N 7. Follow the road about 20-30 minutes.
Fort #7 will be on the left, just past a new-Russian’s brick mansion. Built circa 1910, this fort held 400 troops. You might be able to arrange a guide on the spot (US 5.00 per person). You need one; it’s dangerous to walk around inside. Or just climb around outside and enjoy the views.
Dark passage in Fort No. 7 in Vladivostok
For the adventurous, continue up the same road, same direction, another 30-40 minutes. You’ll pass a cemetery, then a gutted brick building with two words written on it. They mean “To the Great Lenin.” Just beyond this, the road hooks right. Stay on the left (the right will take you back towards town and bus stop “Varyag”).
Continue past a strange wooden-plank bridge in the woods, leading from nowhere to nowhere, on the right. In a moment you’ll see a small road to the left. This leads to a ridge with great views of the taiga and a water reservoir. There are also fortifications here. You’ll find them if you follow the trails. The openings to these concrete monsters are spooky dark, but with guts and a flashlight, you can go deep inside them. Be very careful.
Fort N 2 in Vladivostok - photo by Salangan /Wikicommons
True fort lovers should take a ferry to Russky Island. Seven forts there guard the approaches to Vladivostok. Generally, if you can see a fort on the city map, you can get there. Just takes a little effort. If you have a group, or hope to join one, try this number: (4232) 40-08-96; or e-mail info@vlad-fort.ru. They offer tours ranging from 3-6 hours.
The most complete information on the forts can be found here.


Vladivostokskaya Krepost
4a, Batareynaya street


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