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Author: Maria Mushtrieva (on 17 Dec 2015)
A big village Ivanovo on Uvod river was first mentioned in Russian chronicles in 1561.
The inhabitants were fishing, hunting and trading, but their main occupation was making the cloths. In 1741 the first real cloth manufacture in the village was built by a peasant who made fortune on selling home-made cloths. That's when the glory of Ivanovo started: the village started to sell its cloths and fabrics even as far as England.
The city of Ivanovo was founded in 1871. Ivanovo is still one of the main textile centers of Russia, a big industrial and polluted city. Russians half-jokingly call this place 'the city of brides', because there are more women than men working at the city's textile productions.
Textile production in Ivanovo in 1920s


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