Cheburechnaya Café in Kostroma

If you want to try something simple and really soviet style, then a place called "Cheburechnaya" is for you. 
This place looks like typical fast-food cafes in Russia about 20 years ago. Don't expect lovely atmosphere, beautiful interiors or a big choice of food. That's just all about "cheburek" - a well-known Soviet fast food that comes from Caucasus region but loved by many Russians.
It's pretty greasy and not healthy at all, but it's a perfect thing to eat when you are very hungry and don't have much time. It also costs almost nothing - 40 rubles for one cheburek.
Cheburechnaya in Kostroma - greasy but yummi!
Cheburek in Russia is as traditionally popular as burger in USA or döner in Germany, but not so trendy and hype. So if you have a chance, stop by and give it a try. As on the pic, fits very well to vodka and tomato juice. 
Opening hours: 9.30 - 17.30 daily



Molochnye Ryady, 1


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