Central Park in Kostroma

Author: Maria Mushtrieva (on 27 Apr 2016)
Central park of Kostroma (also known as Lenina Park) stands out due to its nice location leading to the riverside, offering beautiful views and peaceful atmosphere. 
It was created in the beginning of the XIX century, that's why some of the trees here are more than 120 years old. After the revolution the park changed a lot and received the ambiguous heritage of the Soviet times - a monument to Vladimir Lenin.
It looks strange due to simplicity of the statue itself and pomposity of its plinth. There is an obvious explanation behind this eclectics. The plinth was aimed for the monument dedicated to 300 years of Romanov dynasty, which wasn't finished until the Revolution of 1917, when Soviet authorities decided to place the statue of Lenin instead, like in many other Soviet cities. 
Lenina Monument in Kostroma / wikicommons
You can also find here another famous attraction of Kostroma - Ostrovsky pavilion ("Besedka Ostrovskogo"), which is called after a Russian writer and dramatist Alexander Ostrovsky. The residents of Kostroma truly consider him as their townsman, because many of his stories take place here, and the writer himself lived for a while in the village Schelykovo nearby, where his best works were written.  
Ostrovsky pavillion, Kostroma - photo by FHen, via Wikimedia Commons
The pavilion was built in 1956, but many people believe, that it was the place where Ostrovsky spent his time while enjoying the scenery of Volga and creating new stories for his plays. 
Even though it's not the truth, it's still worth visiting just to have a nice panoramic view on the river and Ipatievsky Monastery. It's also a place where a well-know Russian film "Cruel Romance" based on the play of A.Ostrovsky "Bespridannizca" was shot. 


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