Susanina Square

Author: karinagolub (on 27 Apr 2016)
This square is named after the local hero, a peasant from Kostroma, who saved a Russian Tsar Mikhail Romanov from Polish-Lithuanian invaders.
Susanina Square is the central square of the city that represents an impressive architectural assemble of late XVIII-XIX century. It was founded in 1781-1784 as Ekaterinoslavskaya Square, thereafter renamed in 1835 by the Nikolai I into Susaninskaya
Susanina Square, Kostroma (Old pre-1917 postcard) - photo by Paukrus (
The focal point of the square is a monument to Ivan Susanin – a peasant from Kostroma, who became a Russian hero. During the winter of 1612-1613s Ivan Susanin guided a detachment of Polish invaders into an impassable swamp. When the Polish soldiers realised that Susanin did it on purpose, they killed him. But in the end they didn't manage to find the path through the marsh and died.
The monument was built in 1967 by a Russian sculptor, and was set not only to Susanin, but also to embody the abnegation of Russian people, who, during the many wars, were ready to die saving their country.
Ivan Susanin Monument, Kostroma - photo by By Liza vetta (via Wikimedia Commons)

If you cross the Sovetskaya street and stand on the square in front of Susanin's Monument, you'll see some interesting buildings around you.

The first is a fire tower, that is 35 meters high (built in 1823-1827). Inside the tower there used to be rooms for cisterns with water, a stable, living rooms for firemen, and an observation deck on top. Now there's the history museum of fire department inside. 

Fire Tower, Kostroma - photo by Alexxx Malev (

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Next to the fire-tower (in the clockwise direction), there's the building where there used to be the military guard-room (gauptvakhta). The decorations on the walls of this building are dedicated to the victory over Napoleon in 1812.

Nowadays there's a literature museum inside this building, where you can see samples of old Russian books (hand-written and printed), and an exhibition dedicated to writers from Kostroma region. The museum is opened daily from 10.00 to 17.00

Address:  Lenina ul. 1, phone: (0942) 51-60-27


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