Kostroma Practicalities

Author: karinagolub (on 27 Apr 2016)

City Centre 

Kostroma is stretched along Volga and Kostroma rivers, and the city is divided by Volga river into two parts. One of the central streets is Sovetskaya (Советская) street, that goes from as far as the square, not far to the railway station, to the city centrum.
The city centrum is concentrated around the Trading arcades. In you walk down five minutes, you'll come to the embankment of Volga river. 


Post, Mobile, Internet Connection


The phone code of Kostroma is 0942. If you phone to Kostroma from a cellphone, dial 7 (Russia), 0942 (Kostroma), and a 6-digit local phone number. Inside Kostroma you should just dial a 6-digit number, without any codes.
The post and telegraph offices in Kostroma are easy to find: they have the same logo as the Spanish railways 'Renfe'. (Perhaps one of Kostroma telecom company's bosses went to Spain once, liked the logo on the trains, and decided to have the same for his company). Anyway, the main office is located on the corner of Polipaeva and Sovetskaya streets, right after the bridge over the Volga river, which you'll take if you're coming by bus from the direction of Ivanovo or Yaroslavl.
The internet access is available the computer club located in 'Volga' cinema, in case you don't have a smartphone to use WIFI. It's a bit far from the centre: you should take a bus or a trolley that'll go to the bridge over the Volga river to the direction of Ivanovo or Yaroslavl. Otherwise, in most of the cafes and restaurants (what is very typical fro Russia) you can find a free access to WIFI. 


You can find the currency exchange offices in the Trading arcades (Susaninskaya square, after Sovetskaya street). There's a bank with currency exchange, and where you can make a 'Moneygram' money transfer on Ostrovskogo (островского) street, #37 (phones (0942) 31-13-52, 31-16-25; opened 9 to 16, closed sat & sun).
A cash machine (atm) can be found in the 24-hour supermaket on the crossing of Sovetskaya and Ilyinskaya streets, next to the Trading arcades.
The best place to buy food in the centrum is a supermarket on the crossing of Sovetskaya and Ilyinskaya streets (next to the trading arcades), which is opened 24 hours a day.
A bit further to the direction of Ipaty Monastery there are trading arcades with a market inside (on the left side). The main shopping place are the Trading Arcades.



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