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Author: karinagolub (on 27 Apr 2016)
Kostroma is quite big provincial town 230 kilometers north-east of Vladimir and 340 kilometers north-east of Moscow.

By plane

Despite its provincial status, Kostroma has its own airport, aimed for civic and military flights. Sokerkino airport is located within the city, therefore its size and capacities are quite small.
The main destinations are Moscow, St.Petersburg, Anapa and Simferopol, but there are some charter flights to other cities of Russia as well. 

How to get to the airport: It's pretty good connection to the city centre - you just need to get the bus #5 or #13 that arrive to Susanina Square.

Address: Kostromskaya Street, 120; tel: (4942) 51-73-22 

Kostroma airport


By train

There are daily trains to/from Moscow, St Petersburg, Yaroslavl. The train station promises little from the outside, but as you get inside it surprises: very clean, no queues, some signs in English, a waiting room, a pharmacy, a barber, a good small cafe, opened 24 hours a day, and it's written in the menu how long it takes to cook a meal.
Next to the exit there are phones to make free phone calls in the city.
Kostroma railway station
The railway station address: Pl.Shirokova, 1; information: (0942) 54-22-64; 8 (800) 775-00-00​
Directions to the city centre. It takes around 15 minutes by trolley to get from / to the train station to / from the city centre. You can either take a trolley #2 to get from the train station to the center of the city (and back), or you can walk to Privokzalnaya (Привокзальная) square (along the main avenue, going to the direction of the city centrum) and take any bus / trolley from there.

Train schedules

MOSCOW-KOSTROMA (duration 6 h 35 min, costs around 700 rubles)
1) Direct train #148Я Moscow-Kostroma Novaya: 23.10 - 05.38 
2) Transit train № 044Э Moscow-Khabarovsk: 00.35 - 06.45
3) Moscow- Yaroslavl-Kostroma
Depature from Moscow  – 7.35, 14.45, 19.05, arrival – 10.44, 17.54, 22.14
Departure from Yaroslavl to Kostroma -  12.30, 19.40, arrival - 14.30, 21.58
KOSTROMA-MOSCOW (duration 6 h 22 min, costs around 1000 rubles)
1) Direct train #147Я Kostroma-Moscow: 23.20 – 05.43 
2) Transit train № 043Э Khabarovsk-Moscow: 04.30 – 11.03
Daily direct local trains - 'elektrichka' #546M (total time: 1 h 40 min, costs around 140 rubles): departs at 6.30 from Yaroslavl
Daily trains depart at 8.40, 12.44 and 17.29 (total time: 2 h 40 min, costs around 600 rubles)
​Daily direct local trains - 'elektrichka' #546M (total time: 1 h 40 min, costs around 140 rubles): departs at 19.50 from Kostroma
Daily trains depart at 4.30, 23.00 (total time: 2 h 40 min, costs around 600 rubles)

By bus


The buses depart to Moscow, Yaroslavl, Ivanovo, Suzdal, Vladimir and other cities. The bus station is 20 minutes ride from the centre of the city. There are automatic lockers, toilets at the station. The station's information office is opened from 7 to 19.30 (a break 12.30-13.30).

Kostroma bus station

The bus station address: Kineshemskoe (Кинешемское) shosse, #21. Phone: (0942) 22-02-33.

Directions: take a bus along the Kineshemskoe shosse to the direction of the railway station (vokzal) to the centre of the city. It'll take around 20 minutes. 


Bus schedules to/from Kostroma


Note: the data below is as of 22.04.2016. The bus schedules are subject to change. Sometimes the buses are delayed or canceled, check it beforehand.

MOSCOW-KOSTROMA (ca. 7 h, costs around 1000 rubles)
Direct buses to Kostroma depart from Schelkovsky bus station ("vokzal"): 7.00, 9.00, 10.30, 12.50, 15.00, 21.00, 23.00.

KOSTROMA-MOSCOW (ca. 7 h, costs around 1000 rubles): departures at 7.00, 8.35, 10.10, 12.30, 16.05, 22.10, 23.00

KOSTROMA-YAROSLAVL (2 h, costs around ). Arrives to Yaroslavl Moskovski railway station and bus terminal. Departures from Kostroma: daily 7.20, 9.10, 10.55, 13.30, 16.40, 19.05; from Yaroslavl Moskovski: daily 6.55, 8.10, 9.40, 13.00, 15.45, 20.30.

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VLADIMIR - SUZDAL - KOSTROMA: daily departures from Vladimir at 18.40, 20.20 (total time: 4 h 50 min, costs around 500 rubles)

KOSTROMA - SUZDAL - VLADIMIR: daily departures from Kostroma at 7.30, 14.55 (total time: 4 h 42 min, costs around 300 rubles)


By boat


Kostroma is located on the Volga river, so the river transport is operating when there's no ice. There are some cruise boats, but they are expensive, local people use the local hydrofoil, which circulates between Yaroslavl, Kostroma, and Plyos.

Kostroma river port

The hydrofoil from Kostroma to Yaroslavl departs daily 18.00, except tuesday and thursday.  The hydrofoil departs from pier #1, they start to sell the tickets 30 minutes before the departure. It's better to take this boat on the weekdays, because on the weekends it's so popular, that people start to queue it 2 hours before departure. This hydrofoil returns from Yaroslavl to Kostroma daily (except tuesday and thursday), departs Yaroslavl at 6.20, comes to Kostroma (pier #1) 2 hours later at 8.20, and then departs at 8.35 further to Plyos (1 hour). It comes back from Plyos to Kostroma in the evening (departs Plyos at 16.40, comes to Kostroma at 17.40, and then sails further to Yaroslavl).


Public transport


There are buses and trolleys with discounts (for old people and students) and without discounts. A trip costs 15 roubles. The trolleys have the price written on a plate behind the front window, so don't mix it up with the trolley's route, which is written on top.

Trolley bus, Kostroma

The useful trolley routes are #2, that goes from the train station to the city centrer (Sovetskaya (Советская) street and Susaninskaya (Сусанинская) sq.), trolley #3 goes from the centrum (from the stop on Sovetskaya st., next to the Trading Arcades on Susanina sq) to the eastern part of the city, stops close to Ipatievski Monastery, which is on the other shore of Volga river.
A bus #13 will take you from the main square of Kostroma - Susaninskaya (Сусанинская) ploshchad (where the Trading Arcades are) directly over a bridge above the Kostroma river to Ipatievski monastery. 



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