Kharchevnya Café

'Kharchevnya' restaurant on Lenina  street 73  is a locals' favorite. Families, young people, old people from Suzdal gather at this place. Sometimes, you can even hear people singing traditional Russian songs, sitting at the table and drinking some beer here.

Kharchevnya cafe in Suzdal - photo from wikimapia
'Kharchevnya' serves very tasty and cheap meals: you can have a dinner consisting of a starter, a salad, a main course, and a dessert for around 500 rubles. The food here reminds dishes made by Russian granny - everything is as simple and delicious as home-made food.  

If you go there, definitely try their soups (borsch with fried garlic bread or solyanka), baked potatoes (kartoshka) with salad, baked fish, and pancakes with honey and cream (bliny s medom i smetanoi). There is not a big choice of drinks, but you should try their mint medovukha (honey drink) and kvas. Prepare yourself that you have to wait before you get the table, because the place is very popular. 

They are opened from 9 to 23 daily, the kitchen works from 10 to 22 daily. 


Lenina street 73


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