Trapeznaya Restaurant

Trapeznaya restaurant is supposed to be one of the best restaurants in Suzdal, a little bit overpriced, but definitely worth it, if you want to try high-class Russian traditional cousine. It has a very central location in Suzdal Kremlin, nice wooden interior and tasty food. It's also famous for the fact, that Vladimir Putin ate there when he visited Suzdal. 

Trapeznaya restaurant in Suzdal - photo from

Compared to more standard Russian cafes, here you can find a broader variety of traditional dishes, like local fish stuffed with mushrooms (sudak-zander, schuka - pike), Suzdal-style meat, elk cutlets or black boar rolls. So it's more a place for a good dinner rather than for a fast cheap lunch. The prices here depend on what you order but similar to Moscow average restaurants. 

It is opened daily, on Monday-Thursday and Sunday - from 12.00 until 22.30; Friday-Saturday - from 12.00 until 24.00



Kremlevskaya street 20


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