"Ulei" is another good russian restaurant located in Pushkarskaya sloboda (Lenina street 45). The place looks very cosy and authentic due to  its interesting interior - it's set up inside the hut ("izba"), decorated with massive wooden furniture and village styled objects that make you feel like in the russian fairytale. 

Ulei restaurant in Suzdal - photo from http://www.pushkarka.ru/

The cousine is also traditional and loved even by locals and russian tourists. Again, prices are a bit high, but it's definitely cheaper to try these kinds of "fancy" dishes here than in Moscow. For example, draniki with salmon, schuka cutlets (local fish), home-made pelmeni or saulted local mushrooms are highly recommended. Among drinks, try home-made medovukha, hrenovukha or local beer "Ulei". 

Ulei restaurant in Suzdal - photo from http://www.pushkarka.ru/

It's opened daily from 12.00 to 24.00. 


Lenina street 45


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