Suzdal Kremlin

Author: Maria Mushtrieva (on 12 Feb 2016)
The Kremlin is historical core of Suzdal, that's where the town has started.
Hundreds of years ago the Kremlin was surrounded by earthen ramparts, trenches filled with water to protect the town and wooden walls with watchtowers around the town, that secured the safe daily life of the city.
Today there are only some ramparts and trenches left (no wooden walls anymore). They don't look so intimidating as they did 800 year ago, but provide a very good position to have a view on the town.
Kremlin Ensemble - by Belliy Wikimedia Commons
By the way, if you look on the opposite shore of Kamenka river, where the silver domes of Ioanna Predtechi church are shining,  on the field next to the church you can find a nice place to camp.

Rozhdestvenskiy Cathedral

It is probably the oldest cathedral in Suzdal. It was built in the first half of the 13th century, but soon is was robbed by Tartars and in the 15th century it was partially destroyed. It was restored in the beginning of 16th century, so the bottom of the cathedral is made of original white stone, and the top part is made of brick.
Rozhdestvensky Cathedral, 1222-1225
On the very top of the cathedral are beautiful blue domes with golden stars scattered on them. They were added to the cathedral only in 1750.

Arkhiereiskie chambers

Next to the cathedral there are Arkhiereiskie chambers that were built during the 15th - 18th century.
Arkhiereiskie Chambers - By Michael Bessonov/ Wikimedia Commons
The chambers are connected with the cathedral, and the main entrance to the chambers leads to a large hall inside, from where you can get to Besstolpny hall  of Krestovy chambers. This hall was used for the special events.

Nikolskaya church

On the western side of the cathedral there's Nikolskaya wooden church, that was brought here from the other part of Vladimir region in the 18th century.
Nikolskaya Church - by By Freya731/Wikimedia Commons
Location: 20, Kremlevskaya ul. (5 mins walk to the Kamenka river from the main street).
Phone: (09321) 2-16-24.
Open hours: 10.00-16.00, days off: tuesdays and the last friday of the month.


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