Map of Suzdal

Author: Dimitry Paranyushkin (on 02 Sep 2009)

See the legend under the Suzdal map

map legend:

SIGHTS (marked '*'):
1 - Rozhdestvensky cathedral
2 - Arkhiereisie chambers
3 - Nikolskaya church
4 - Rizopolozhensky monastery
5 - Alexandrovsky convent
6 - Pokrovsky convent
7 - Euthimiev monastery
M - museum of wooden architecture

HOTELS (marked 'H'):
1 - Rizopolozhensky
2 - Likhoninsky Dom
3 - Traktir Kuchkova
4 - GTK
5 - Intourist

EATING OUT (marked 'R'):
1 - Landysh cafe
2 - Trapeznaya Kremlya
3 - Kharchevnya bar

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