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Author: karinagolub (on 20 Mar 2016)
Suzdal is a small town 38 kilometers (24 miles) north of Vladimir, and 217 kilometers (130 miles) north-east from Moscow. It is the second stop along Golden Ring and the one which can't be missed.
There are intercity (mezhdogo`rodnie) and local buses that go through Suzdal from / to Vladimir, Ivanovo, Kostroma, Yaroslavl, Ryazan, Minsk (Belorussia). The tickets for the transit buses (that go through Suzdal somewhere else) are sold upon the arrival, because sometimes the buses don't arrive on time, they are too old (second hand buses from Germany, still with adverts from the 80s). But it's better to queue beforehand, to be sure you'll have the tickets.
Bus station is opened from 5.00 until 20.00, all the buses also depart and arrive between these times.  It is located on the edge of the city, but just 20 minutes walking along Vasilievskaya st. from the Trading Arcades (or Sovetskaya sq).
Even though it's not so far from the centre, you can also take taxi for 100 rubles in case you don't want to walk 5 km carrying heavy luggage. Public transport is very irregular and doesn't make sense, as the city is really small and everything is within walking distance.
Phone: +7 (49231) 2-01-47, address: Vasilievskaya st. 44

Suzdal Bus Station

Bus schedules from/ to Suzdal

Note, bus schedules change quite often. Sometimes the buses are canceled or postponed, be careful.
Here we list the buses with the cities where they depart from and their final destinations, because you'll need this information to buy the tickets. 
There are two opportunities - to take the bus that goes directly to Suzdal (Suzdal or Ivanovo are final destinations), or to take the transit bus to Vladimir and from there change the bus to Suzdal, which goes every half an hour.  
Total time: 4h 20 min, price: around 600 rubles.
Daily transit buses depart Moscow, Shchyolkovsky bus terminal, the destination is in brackets.​
Depart Moscow: daily 7.00 (goes to Ivanovo), 7.30 (directly to Suzdal),  9.30 (goes to Ivanovo),  15.00 (goes to Ivanovo), 17.00 (goes to Ivanovo), 20.00 (directly to Suzdal).
If you want to see few cities of Golden Ring, you can first make a stop in Vladimir and from there travel to Suzdal. There are daily direct buses from Vladimir to Suzdal.
Total time: 50 min, price: around 80 rubles.
Depart Vladimir: daily 6.30 - 21.40 (every 30 min, check the time on the bus station).
Total time: around 1h 30m, price: around 200 rubles
Transit bus Vladimir - Ivanovo, or Moscow - Ivanovo. Departs Suzdal: daily 8.00-22.00 (every hour, check exact time on the station).
Total time: around 4 hours, price: around 260 rubles
Transit bus Vladmir - Yaroslavl. Departs Suzdal: daily 8.05,  17.20 (check exact time on the station).
Total time: around 4 h, price: around 290 rubles
Transit bus Vladimir - Kostroma. Departs Suzdal: daily 6.30, 12.35, 14.30 (check exact time on the station)


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