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Author: Dimitry Paranyushkin (on 20 Aug 2009)

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The phone code of Vladimir is 0922. If you phone to Vladimir from abroad, you should dial 00 (for international access), 7 (code of Russia), 0922 (code of Vladimir) and a 6-digit local number. If you phone to Vladimir from Russia, you should dial 8, wait for a tone, then dial 0922 (code of Vladimir), and a 6-digit local phone number. If you phone to Vladimir from a cellphone, dial 7 (Russia), 0922 (Vladimir), and a 6-digit local phone number.
Inside Vladimir you should just dial a 6-digit number, without any codes.
The main post and telegraph office, where you can make local and international phone calls is located on Pobelskogo street, 3-5 minutes walk from Sobornaya square. It's opened from 8 to 20 on weekdays.
The internet access is available in 'XXI century' computer club (11, Bolshaya Moskovskaya, phone: (0922) 32-64-71, email: club_xxi_bek@rambler.ru), which is opened from 10 until 18, an hour in the internet is 48 roubles ($1.6), you can also type your texts there, and save them on the disquette (15 roubles ($0.5) for using a disq. drive).
The mobile phones of 'MTS' company are working in the whole Vladimir region for the same price ($0.23 a minute) as in Moscow, so if you have roaming with 'MTS', you can use your cellphone.

MONEY. The main 'Sberbank' bank office is next to Sobornaya square, opened 9 to 15 (lunch break 12.30 - 13.30), closed sat, sun. (phones: (0922) 24-07-43, 24-25-55) There's a currency exchange office in the bank, opened daily 9 to 16, except weekends.
Another currency exchange office is located in the supermarket at the beginning of Dvoryanskaya street, a few steps further to the direction of Moscow from the Golden Gates. They can change almost any kind of currency (US dollars, Deutsche marks, Finn marks), and you can make / receive a Western Union money transfer there.

PRICES. (in $ US) The prices for food and clothes in Vladimir's shops are the same as in Moscow or St Pete. However, unlike in the big cities, you can have a good dinner in a local restaurant for about 80 roubles ($2.7), a drink in a bar for 20-30 roubles ($0.7-$1). An average single in Vladimir hotels costs around $5-$10, an average double is $8-$15.

SHOPPING. There are two photoshops in the center of Vladimir, where you can buy a photo film, photo accessories, develop and print your film. One is located next to Sobornaya square (44, Bolshaya Moskovskaya;

Dome Cinema in Moscow

open hours: weekdays 10-19, sunday: 10-18), the other is located in a big supermarket at the beginning of Dvoryanskaya (Љ‰”¶§’–ђ?§) street.
The best place to buy some food, and some accessories to stock for a long trip, is a supermarket at the beginning of Dvoryanskaya (Љ‰”¶§’–ђ?§) street, just after the Golden Gates. It's opened from 9 to 21 on weekdays and saturday, and from 10 to 17 on sunday. There's also a currency exchange and a cash machine (atm) inside.
Otherwise, there's a 24 hour food shop called "Pi" down Gagarina street.
If you want to buy some souvenir books, or photoalbums of Vladimir regions, there's 'Bylina' book shop, next to the photoshop on Bolshaya Moskovskaya, 44.

WHERE TO EAT. You can have a midday meal in Vladimir for around 80-100 roubles ($2.7-$3.5 US), most of the restaurants and bars are located along the main avenue - Bolshaya Moskovskaya (Я”‘џї?§ О”–ђ”‰–ђ?§) street.
Most of the restaurants have polite and attentive waiters, but there are some bars that can try to make money on you, so be careful.
There's a nice supermarket at the junction of Dvoryanskaya (㉔¶§’–ђ?§) and Bolshaya Moskovskaya, offering a good selection of food, groceries, fruits, cereals, diary - everything one needs to have a nice breakfast.

Stary Gorod restaurant, Vladimir

'Stary Gorod (on the photo) is a good restaurant on the main avenue of Vladimir, serves Russian and European cuisine with very polite and attentive waiters. There's a restaurant and a bar inside, and a cafe outside. You can have a 3 course meal for around 90-150 roubles ($3-$5), depending on what you take and how much you need. If you want to save money, take a fish for 55 roubles ($2) with potatoes or rice (5 r - $0.16), a salad ($1), and water ($0.3). A good volume for money is rice at 5 roubles ($0.16) a portion. For instance, you can take 6 portions of rice, pay only $1, and have enough for the whole day. Address: Bolshaya Moskovskaya street, close to Sobornaya square, opposite of 'Lipki' park and Dmitry's cathedral. 5-10 minutes walk from the railway and bus stations. Opened 10.00 to 2.00
Among other places to eat is a 'Sobornaya Ploshchad' bar next to the 'Stary Gorod' restaurant, which has the same prices, but less inviting interior. A restaurant in Vladimir hotel (Bolshaya Moskovskaya, 74; close to the railway station) offers meals at around $5, russian cuisine. Various bars along the part of Bolshaya Sadovaya starting from Sobornaya square and finishing at the Golden Gates offer slightly less priced meals, popular among the locals.

GOING OUT. Vladimir is a good place to go out if you want to see how they do it in Russian province. What surprises when you arrive to the city, is the amount of casinos on the main street, it first looks like it's the favourite entertainment of the local people.

A view on Vladimir

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But the young people we met say that they like walking around the city, having picnics in the parks, going out to the recently opened fancy cinema hall (take a trolley #8 along Dvoryanskaya street to the direction of Moscow, the cinema building is blue with white on the left, after 'Zarya' hotel. around 10-15 minutes by trolley from the centrum).
The favourite discos are 'Brighton' on Bolshaya Moskovskaya and 'Kolizey' at the former house of officers (in front of the supermarket on Dvoryanskaya street).
Older people and local businessmen like bars on the main avenue, where they can sing Russian karaoke songs.



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