Dudki Bar

Dudki Bar is a quite decent place to have a drink. But don't be confused by its name, they serve delicious and not so expensive food here as well. With a terasse overlooking a little park it is a great spot to hang out in summer. 

Dudki Bar in Yaroslavl

"Dudki" in Russian means "you are not getting it", an archaic expression normally declared in a public space with a goal to ridicule an opponent. It is rarely used these days, but you can find it in almost every Soviet film of the beginning of the century. One of the possible origins of this expression is "dudka", little fife. A fife as word-image stands for the transition: you can see through it, it appears full, but it is empty inside. At the same time the necessity of a public gesture during this oral act confirms a deeper meaning of this expression. It is as well about the exposure of stubbornness, being proud and self-verification in the society, often transgressing the established social hierarchy. 


Dudki Bar
33, Sobinova Street


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