Soviet Lifestyle Museum

During the last years there was a sort of resurgent nostalgia for the Soviet Union or at least for its aesthetics. The best place to plunge into the atmosphere of that period is the Soviet Lifestyle Museum. With the help of various artifacts the museum makes it easy to understand the USSR a little bit better.
Penholder in a form of a rocket in - Soviet Lifestyle Museum, Kazan - photo from
When you get to the museum don’t miss the Soviet Secondary School exposition - there you can witness the miniconcentration camp Soviet kids had to go through to learn a thing or two about life. The gallery of socialist art will give you a good introduction to the sublime frequencies that were affecting the consciousness of the more creative people.
Finish with the collection of Soviet propaganda books to get a dosage of ideological brainwash in style. Open 11.00 to 19.00 daily.


Soviet Lifestyle Museum
6, Universitetskaya street


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