The Best Budget Hotels in Moscow, Russia

Author: waytorussia (on 08 Mar 2020)
There are no really budget hotels in Moscow: some cost less than €100 per night, but are located far from the center.

The only two worth mentioning are Izmailovskaya (10 mins from the center by metro, €70 per night, nice area with a park) and Hotel Na Pokrovke (a cheap central hotel with kitsch interior but rooms starting at €50 per night).

Hotel Izmailovo in Moscow - photo by

The very special secret is Petrovka Loft, which has amazing interior and costs €50 per night, but don't tell anybody about it!

Finally, you can always find a private room in one of the many Moscow hostels. For example, Godzillas and Comrade Hostel have privates starting at €25 per person per night and are very centrally located.

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Godzillas hostel Moscow




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