Hotels in Moscow, Russia

Author: Maria Mushtrieva (on 26 Aug 2018)

Moscow is a super complicated place when it comes to finding good quality affordable accommodation. However, there are a few good central hotels in Moscow that offer relatively good quality for the price. They may still be a bit overpriced, but with the low ruble exchange rate and a bit of searching you'll probably be able to book something decent starting from €80 per night. Another option is to find a private room in a hostel, which will normally be central and cost about €50 (all prices are for the doubles). Apartments are only an option if you are 3 persons or more, as the prices for something decent and central start at €150 / night. The great thing is that some expensive hotels offer really good deals on the internet, so if you book a hotel in Moscow online, you can get a 4- or 5-star room for €100 per night, which is a very good price for Moscow.

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