Bear Hostel: A Bed for Nothing

This hostel chain has three hostels in Moscow.
You can get a bed in a 16-bed dorm for about €12 which is perhaps the lowest price you’ll ever find in Moscow center. They also have a special night price of €12 if you stay there from midnight till 10.30 next morning, making it a great place to sleep over after a long night out.

Finally, you can also live there a whole month for about €300, which is a bit cheaper than renting a private room at an apartment. They also have lockers for €2 / day.

Bear Hostel


Беар Хостел
Большая Молчановка, дом 23, строение 2, 5 этаж метро Арбатская
Phone: +7 (495) 649-67-36
23, Bolshaya Molchanovka st. , building 2, 5 floor metro Arbatskaya


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