Izmailovo Hotel: The Olympic Artefact

Izmailovo is a huge hotel complex (more than 4000 rooms) built to host the 1980 Olympic Game.
The location is quite nice, as the hotel i s just next to the metro, and it’s about a 20-minute ride to the center, so you can explore the nearby park and suburbs. There are several hotels in Izmailovo complex, so just choose the one you prefer.

Your neighbors will be very varied: from budget tourists to Russian entrepreneurs and various dodgy but non-dangerous characters. Occasional offers of sushi and prostitute room delivery might occur, but those can be easily dealt with depending on your willingness to immerse.  

Hotel Izmailovo Moscow
photo by Artem Svetlov - flickr.com/photos/trolleway/14575121847     


Гостиница Измайлово
Измайловское Шоссе, 71 Метро Партизанская
71, Izmailovskoe Shosse Metro Partisanskaya


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